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 The Exciting End for The Anxious Investor with Happiest Minds IPO Launch 2020

The Exciting End for The Anxious Investor with Happiest Minds IPO Launch 2020

Happiest minds IPO GMP is a next-generation IT Solutions & Services Company, and like some companies, were born to serve for the long haul. Happiest Minds IPO Launch 2020 is one such company poised with a Rs 702 crore initial public offer on Monday, September 07, 2020.

It is a good reason to celebrate a great investment. If you are scheduled to invest and grow with this global giant.

The Promoters : Happiest Minds IPO Launch 2020

Mr. Ashok Soota is the promoter credited with leading Wipro Technologies to a leadership position from 1984 to 1999 and who further founded Mind Tree Technologies. Mind Tree Technologies got listed in 2007 at 107 times subscription. Now, I have Mr. Soota has come up with the Happiest Minds Technologies Private Limited. 

The pillar, for now, is PES

Happiest minds IPO money (51%) surfaces from Product Engineering Services (PES). Which hand holds software product companies in building their ingenious products, innovative platforms, and services they want to deliver to their clients.

The other two areas of focus are Digital Business Services and Infrastructure Management and Security Services. This tells you that all its energies and drives are driven in areas where demand for these services is poised to grow manifold, so despite the competition. There is really room for all to take their share of history in the making. 

Next-generation IT Solutions and Services

The evolution of Happiest Minds IPO upstox is as a next-generation IT Solutions & Services Company despite its recent arrival. Has made an impact, resulting in digital transformation for their present clients and given this huge growth opportunity in the digital business as many businesses; which are going to have to undertake digital transformation, just to keep up with technology and stay competitive. 

Source : RHP, ICICI Direct

Happiest Minds IPO Launch analysis will conclude; as a next-generation IT Solutions and Services Company earns over 40 percent of its revenue from Edutech and Hi-tech segments, as Edutech and High-tech are both rapid high expansion product areas.

An overview of their track record and scrutiny of recent performance will demonstrate that their position indicates an easy 20 percent gain in by financial year twenty-two. Which is definitely great news for the long term investor.

Being an Opportunist 

Happiest minds grew at an astounding fiscal rate of around 21 percent in Rupee terms and 17.1 percent in US dollar terms during FY18-20 with its greatest digital share efforts. 

Happiest minds IPO Zerodha waltzed through the Covid 19 patch of months, staying inactive almost uneventful financially as of the year-ago level in rupee value and was a few percent down year-on-year in US dollar value. 

The profitability front on EBIT margin got up to 18.5 percent in fiscal quarter one from 11 percent in financial year 20 and 5.1 percent in financial year 19.

Stimulating further high-end growth, the outcome of which was robust growth and competition. 

Thus, the company reported Rs 73.6 crore of pre-tax profit in financial year 20, close to a 6-time jump from financial year 19, and compared to Rs 23.1 crore loss before tax in financial year 18.

Right about now, the world of information technology and ancillary space is looking at a reassessing, mainly due to strong demand for digital transformation; Happiest minds IPO news is likely to be a marvelous avenue for investors.

Robust, profitable growth potential, led by 97 percent revenue contribution from the digital business.

Which is also highest amongst the listed Indian technology industry, and rings in good tidings for the Happiest minds.

Happiest Minds IPO Launch - Finogent Advisory LLP

The Competition that Creates a Cutting Edge Environment

Global players such as EPAM, Endava, and Globant are Happiest minds technologies IPO price major competitors, and given the competitive market and demand for digital transformation in the IT space, they pose no threat.

Happiest minds have 157 active customers and derive about 77.5 percent of its revenue from the US. 11.9 percent from India, with their 2600 strong staffing at the end of June this year. 

The Future: Happiest Mind IPO

The sheer magnitude of its technology reach allows it to up-sell and cross-sell to its customary elite clientele and bring in fresh clients.

Successive years of average customer revenue is a good reflection of this. Per customer; the financial year 2018 saw it at $471,472. While the financial year 2019 saw that figure rise to $501,562, and not surprisingly. The financial year 2020 has that figure at $614,675. 

Anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 20.19 percent would far outstrip most Indian IT giants. Pinning its global enterprise digital investment at $691 billion, and projected growth to $2,083 billion by 2025.

Moreover, companies like Infosys, Cognizant, and Mind Tree have there revenue portion below 45%-55% in the digital IT space compared to Happiest Minds, which have over 90% from the said space.

It’s a niche player, positioned as an end to end product management. 

The Conclusion

In conclusion, for now, though expectations are high based on demand for next-generation IT solutions and services and Happiest minds IPO buy or not, growth rates will go back to new highs.

As for the average man on the street/investor, this is the opportune time to make your move to cash in on the initial public offering.

Since, as of now, the leadership does not envision another initial public offering any time soon.

Disclaimer: Before taking into any investment decision, please consult your financial adviser/agent/broker so that based on the asset allocation and risk profile you are able to take the prudent decision. This is an analysis and should not be construed as the investmenet advice or assured performance, since past performance of the same product , asset class shall not ensure the future performance.


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