Angel Investment

Angel Investment Fund

Where in Pre IPO is the last stage before the listing of company in the bourses, Angel Investing is the first step in this life cycle of a private company / start up raising funds. Angel investors are those who invest in the early stages of start-up companies in lieu of an equity ownership interest. Angel investing in start-ups has been quite in demand off late. 

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Following are some of the pointers that angel investors take care about:

• The passion, commitment, as well as integrity of the founders.
• The market opportunities and the potential for the company to grow big.
• A clearly thought out business plan and the plan of action to achieve the goals.
• Interesting technology or intellectual property.
• An appropriate valuation with various reasonable terms.

Characterize and Prioritize your financial objectives

First step is to understand you and your needs through a detailed discussion by supporting informed decision making by you. Our financial planning process lays strong emphasis on your active involvement while identifying the most appropriate financial solutions for your needs.

Our experienced experts will interact with their clients to understand their needs and help them define their goals for a comprehensive financial plan.

Financial plan using structured tools helps in analyzing your future needs, aim vs income to create a financial plan addressing your needs and aspirations.