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What is Estate Planning ?

Preparation of Tasks

One of the most important endowments you can leave for your friends and family is an estate planning that could be termed as thoughtful at any instance of life.


The laws of estate planning are difficult, and understanding the essentials of estate planning such as what records or documentation process do you need, what are the costs, what long-term financial solutions are accessible to you, what you need from your lawyer, what to be included in your estate planning, or the best estate planning services near me that can help in achieving the goals.


Finogent Advisory LLP will help you explain the process of estate planning and will provide you the necessary support through it. With the availability of our in-house expertise, we will assist you with a comprehensive estate planning plan that is easy to execute.

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Working intimately with you, your estate lawyer, and your record keeper, we'll guarantee that: 

Your assets are named effectively and ideally situated now for your expectations later.

Your assets are passed on as you wish, in an assessment effective way, while limiting your beneficiaries' burden.

Your estate documents are timely updated with estate tax legislation.

While nobody needs to consider making a plan for after you're gone, Finogent Advisory LLP will help to ensure your desires are completed and your family members are dealt with care while planning.

When an individual passes, the entirety of their assets, land, cash, stocks, personal belongings, etc. become an aspect of their estate.

Estate administration is the way toward gathering and dealing with the estate, paying taxes or obligations, and conveying the property to an estate's beneficiaries.


Beneficiaries are determined by a will, yet for the situation where there is no will, distribution is made considering the state laws. We have estate planning counsels who will help make the cycle simpler for you and your loved ones. Our estate planning services can help with an assortment of issues, including:


  • Setting up a Will
  • Building up a Trust
  • The intensity of Attorney and Health Care Directive
  • Probate
  • Administration of estate
  • Giving in charity
  • Protection of asset

How can Finogent Advisory LLP Help You?

Our estate planner will carefully listen to your requirement and work accordingly. We’ll work to find the shortcomings in your estate planning by conducting an Estate Planning Audit.

We’ll help you find the options and their execution strategies to achieve your Estate Planning Goals. Our experts are experienced and well- qualified who can help you create a customized estate plan.

We’ll timely monitor your estate plan and will provide you help regarding Estate Planning, Offshore Wealth Management, Will Drafting, Trust Creation, guardian estate planning, Taxation Advisory for any loopholes.

Estate planning services offered by us provide an incredible opportunity to accommodate your family members long after you’re gone. We’ll assist you to feel sure you did it right.

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