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Finogent Solutions LLP caters to the niche segment of affluent & HNWI investors and HNWI across the globe. The area of expertise is to offer customized portfolio management services and multi office services that covers Global Wealth Management offerings.

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 Topmost 10 Wealth Managers in India

Topmost 10 Wealth Managers in India

Angel Broking

With an offline presence of over ten thousand offices pan India and headquartered out of Mumbai this retail stockbroking firm is headed by Dinesh Thakkar. Besides stocks, commodity trading, depository services and investment advisory services they are the topmost wealth managers in India.

Armstrong Capital Advisory

Sits at the second spot on India’s wealth managers list, this owner-managed firm headed by Sneha, CEO who is proud of their private ownership which enables them to foster their clientele both businesses and individuals. Besides goal-based financial planning and currency hedging services it is number two on the Private wealth managers in India list.

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AUM Capital

Sits at number three spot of wealth managers lists and is headed by Dinesh Jain MD. They pride themselves on their plethora of products and services backed by a strong intellectual base. International finance and commodity broking among many more India’s wealth managers list prides them at third spot.


Sitting at fourth spot, are a financial services firm amongst the biggest wealth managers in India, with good reason. Investment banking and wealth management are some of their areas of expertise along with credit solutions and asset management, all encompassed with customized solutions.

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Bajaj Capital

Is at the fifth spot of Private wealth managers in India, being one that covers a whole gamut of services and products for the individual small investor to the high net worth clients, all resulting in a reputation that earns them the position of the top wealth managers in India.

BFC Capital

Plum at sixth on this prestigious biggest wealth managers in India list are people with over half a centuries expertise in the business, with services and products catered to the individual investor through NRIs and even the high flying world of wealth management headed by Aditiya Ahluwalia its CEO.

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Centrum Capital

It is at the seventh spot of the biggest wealth managers in India and justifiably so with services and products ranging from equity capital markets, and corporate finance advisories to the elevated position on the wealth managers lists, with Chandir Gidwani the chairman at the helm.

Client Alley Wealth Managers

This pulls in at the eighth spots of Top wealth managers in India, with Nitin Avasthi its founder an astute finance mogul who has crafted customized for everything from mutual funds to real estate and wealth management.

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IIFL Wealth Management

At number eight of the wealth managers lists is an experienced product team offering services and products with an all-in-fee feature that forever banishes all brokerage costs, covering even wealth management.

Invest Advice

Number nine of the biggest wealth managers in India list and are specialists in financial planning with advisories for almost every niche including wealth management.

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KW Wealth Advisor

Is at tenth spot and certainly not the least of the Private wealth managers in India, with prestigious offerings that include wealth management.

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