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 Senco Gold Limited IPO

Senco Gold Limited IPO

Senco Gold Limited, incorporated in 1994, is a renowned jewelry retailer operating across India. Under the brand name “Senco Gold & Diamonds,” the company offers an extensive range of products including gold, diamond, silver, platinum, precious and semi-precious stone jewelry, as well as other metal options. They also provide costume jewelry, gold and silver coins, and silver utensils.

With a vast catalog featuring more than 108,000 gold jewelry designs and over 46,000 diamond jewelry designs, Senco Gold showcases a diverse collection of handcrafted jewelry. Most of these exquisite pieces are designed and manufactured in-house through collaborations with over 170 skilled local craftsmen in Kolkata and throughout the country. The company also produces machine-made lightweight jewelry in gold and diamonds, and sources jewelry from trusted third-party vendors.

Senco Gold is committed to catering to the younger generation and the upwardly mobile population of India. They have established brands such as Everlite, offering lightweight jewelry, Gossip, providing silver and fashion jewelry, and Aham, offering a collection of jewelry for men. These brands focus on smaller average ticket sizes, appealing to the target demographic. Additionally, Senco Gold has D’Signia Showrooms and the Vivaha collection, dedicated to customers seeking premium designer jewelry or a more luxurious retail experience.

In the fiscal year 2023, the average ticket size at standard showrooms was approximately ₹48,000.00. D’Signia Showrooms boasted an average ticket size of around ₹51,000.00, while Everlite Showrooms maintained an average ticket size of approximately ₹29,000.00.

The company operates a vast network of showrooms, encompassing over 136 locations with a combined area of approximately 409,882 square feet. This includes 70 company-operated showrooms and 61 franchisee showrooms, strategically spread across 99 cities and towns in 13 states throughout India.

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